Medical Lawyer

Medical LawyerWhen the standards for giving health care and treatment to patients are not followed by the health care professionals, this is known as medical malpractice. You need to talk to a lawyer to help you fight for your legal rights – while you recover from the injury inflicted by a mistake. Medical lawyers know about laws relative to health care issues and problems so that claims can reach the courts quickly and accurately.

How Serious are Medical Malpractice Cases?

Deaths related to malpractice have become the third leading cause, after heart disease and cancer. Over 200,000 people die each year from various medical-related mistakes:

  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Medication errors in hospitals
  • Infections in hospitals
  • Other fatal errors in hospitals
  • Non-error but resulted to adverse effects of medication

Other medical errors involve the following:

  • Surgical error – surgery on the wrong part, an instrument left behind, and anesthesia mistakes;
  • Medication error – overdose, missed dose, and wrong medication;
  • Obstetric error – damage inflicted to the mother and/or infant during childbirth process;
  • Misdiagnosis – missed diagnosis, wrong diagnosis, and failure to diagnose; and
  • Laboratory mistake – laboratory results that give way to diagnosis errors.

When is the Right Time to File a Medical Lawsuit?

There is a time limit on filing a legal claim, which varies from state to state. The first step that a medical lawyer would do is to evaluate your case, which involves gathering and assessing medical records involved. If the case was strong enough, the next step involves giving written notification of the claims to parties responsible.