Find a Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody case is a painful process to go through not only for you but for your child as well, but this is the reality of life. All you can do is get the best out of the situation and try to get a favorable child custody arrangement with your ex-spouse. Of course the first step is find a child custody lawyer in your area. Here are some tips to help you find your lawyer:

Search online. You can search online to find a child custody lawyer. These are lawyers who are expert in family law located in your area. Online search will help you get names and contact numbers of qualified lawyers for your needs. You can also check their names and public records online to know if these lawyers have good reputation and records.

Networking with friends and relatives. You do not have to be alone on this greatest battle of your life which is trying to win custody for your child. Ask your friends and relatives if they can help you find a child custody lawyer in your area. It is much better if they can recommend someone they know that can represent you on your child custody case.

Ask your local bar association. If possible, ask about the local bar association in your area or in your state to find a child custody lawyer. Get the list of lawyers who are expert in family law and in handling child custody cases and contact them.

Get in touch with groups and associations dealing with the same problem you are going through in your area. These people can give you advice based on their experiences and you can learn from them. Chances are, these people will also offer help to find a child custody lawyer for you in your area.

Real Estate Law

Buying real estate is a big decision and is typically the largest transaction most buyers and sellers will make. The sale and purchase involves complex areas of law that do not apply anywhere else. You are not usually required to hire an attorney to represent your interests in the transaction; most deals can be closed without one. However, it is a good idea to use the services of a real estate law firm in a property transaction, even though it may increase the cost. Here are just a few of the situations where it is particularly important to seek the services of a real estate law firm.

Short Sale

A short sale is the sale of real estate for less than the amount owed on the mortgage. In other words, the seller comes up “short” on the money to pay off the loan. It is always a good idea for financially distressed homeowners who are considering a short sale to seek the services of a real estate law firm.


Typically, there are four qualifications for short sale: The market value must have dropped, the mortgage must be in or close to default, the vendor must be suffering a financial hardship, and the seller must not have other assets that could be used to pay the full balance of the loan. If the seller has any assets that could be used to pay off the loan in full, the lender may ask the vendor to liquidate them and make a contribution to the payoff. Some states protect vendors against this, and some things are not considered assets. A real estate law firm will fully evaluate the vendor’s situation, determine if the vendor qualifies and give legal advice as to how to best protect any assets the seller may have.

Lender Approval of the Sale

Additionally, it is critical for an attorney to secure the lender’s approval for a short sale and to negotiate the most protection for the vendor. Without the approval of the bank, or without ensuring the vendor is adequately protected from the mortgagee in the future, the bank may be able to obtain a deficiency judgment. If a deficiency judgment is obtained, the bank can still pursue the seller in some ways for the amount the bank was shorted. The bank may be able to garnish the dealer’s wages, or pull money from the vendor’s bank account. Unfortunately, this means that the seller not only loses his property, but also his protection from the bank in the future.


Often, more than one person has inherited rights to real property. When inherited property is bought or sold, many questions arise. The first question for both sellers and buyers is usually, “Who can sell the property?” Many times, the answer to this question requires a thorough title search. Both parties may have additional questions. What if some heirs don’t want to sell it? Can the property be partitioned and sold? Can the non-compliant heirs be forced to “buy out” the heirs that wish to sell? A real estate law firm can assist any party in ensuring that the transaction has met all legal requirements and that their rights are protected.

Commercial Entities

Sometimes, one or more of the parties to the transaction is a partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or another type of business entity. There are certain formalities and filings that must be completed for any purchase involving an immovable, but there are additional requirements when business entities are involved. Business entities must file specific documents to protect their interests. Additionally, the entity’s charters and by-laws must be adhered to. The attorneys will understand the structures of the various business entities and will be able to protect you and ensure that the charters and by-laws are honored

Choosing a Local Law Firm

When dealing with legal matter, depending on the type of case you are involved in, there are a number of lawyers you can hire to work with you on your claim. Choosing the right law firm is not only going to result in you getting the best results in your legal battle, but it is also going to ensure that you are dealing with the most qualified and competent lawyers in the area of law your case falls in, when you are trying to find the best possible representation for that case.

Civil or Criminal Law Firm

One of the most important factors to consider is the type of legal battle you are in. If it is criminal matter, you are going to want to choose a specialty firm, that deals with the exact case you are involved in (DUI felony offense, murder, etc.). If you are dealing with a civil case, in many instances you can go with a general firm, and office, in order to find a variety of lawyers in the firm that are going to be able to help you with the case that you are currently involved with.

Out of Court Settlement

In the event you can keep things out of court, you should do so. Not only is it going to result in the lowest price for you as a client, it is also going to resolve the matter in the shortest period of time. If the opposing side is willing to settle, or if it is a small claim, it is more often than not going to stay out of court. But, in the event the opposing side is being difficult, you have to work with the best law firm to ensure they keep you out of court, and get the matter settled in the shortest period of time possible.

Cost of the Firm

When comparing firms, you are of course going to consider the cost for the matter they are going to help you resolve. Depending on how highly regarded the law firm is, how qualified the lawyers are, and how quickly and professionally they are going to handle your case, the price for their services will vary. As a client, the easiest way to find the top local law firm to work with, and the lowest rate for services, is to call around and to compare the firms, until you find the one you feel is most qualified to deal with your claim.

It does not matter if it is a civil or criminal case; you have to work with the most qualified lawyers if you want to resolve things quickly, stay out of court, and save yourself the most possible during the course of the case. In taking the time to find the best law firm and lawyer to work with, you are going to do all of these things, plus you are going to have the best chance of having the court rule in your favor in the event your case does go to court.

Types of State, National or Local Lawyers

Are you planning to hire an attorney and encountered difficulties in choosing the right one for your needs? If yes, you are not alone because there are thousands of individuals out there who have trouble assessing the right lawyer for their needs.

With the thousands of lawyers found in the market, for sure, you are also confused on where to find and whom to hire. These problems should not hinder you from hiring the best to defend your case. Read the article below to gain useful tips and techniques on selecting the right attorney.

Searching the right attorney for your business, divorce, bankruptcy or fraud case is not easy because not all of them care and look after the welfare of their clients. With myriad lawyers around, it could be daunting and confusing on your part as to whom to choose. Lawyers are not equal and they have their own fields of specialization, like bankruptcy law, finance law, drinking under the influence (DUI) law and many more. You need different kinds of barristers for your different needs. It would be silly and impractical if you hire divorce lawyer for your tax needs or hire a DUI lawyer for your bankruptcy needs, thus you should carefully assess your needs first before considering who to hire.

Different types of attorneys:

  • Divorce lawyers – they specialize in handling annulment and divorce cases. They can help you with financial planning, child visitation and custody, mediation and many more.
  • Bankruptcy lawyers – they help you in handling insolvency and bankruptcy problems of individuals, organizations and companies. They assist you in avoiding property foreclosures and repossession.
  • Civil lawyers – they handle lawsuits between individuals, companies and organizations. They tackle property disputes, marriage, divorce, wrongful death and malpractice.
  • Criminal lawyers – they specialize in defending you from the criminal offenses you committed, like fraud, murder, robbery or larceny.
  • Family lawyers – they tackle family-related issues, like paternity, domestic violence, adoption, child visitation rights or divorce.
  • Malpractice lawyers – they help victims of professional malpractice, such as medical malpractice. Malpractice of medical professionals often affect victims’ health, job or family.
  • Accident lawyers – they help victims of accidents get the right compensation due them.
  • Tax lawyers – they assist you with your tax returns and other issues related to taxes, such as tax evasion.
  • Immigration lawyers – they worked with government agencies and assist you in any immigration-related problems.

After you determine what type of lawyer you need, you must then conduct research, surf the Internet and ask referrals from friends, relatives and colleagues on sources of lawyers. Short list candidates according to their experience, location, professional fees, license and track record. Before you decide which one to hire, ask first telephone numbers of their previous clients so you can call them and inquire about their performance. Know how many cases they have lost or won.

Make use of free consultations offered by some attorneys. It is a great opportunity for you to ask them questions, inquire about your case and ask list of client references.

Tips Choose A Local Lawyer

A local lawyer is a wise choice when it comes to selecting a professional to represent you in your legal matters. It is important that legal issues are handled by a competent pro who knows the law as well as your locale. Here are some tips on choosing a quality representative in your community:

Laws vary from region to region. While an attorney from a big law firm in a far away city may have a great website or ad in the yellow pages of a phone book, they won’t have the intricate knowledge about your home town and community. You want someone who not only knows the legal stipulations of your location, but who knows the townsfolk, history, and culture, as well.

– Decide what you need to have done and then find the appropriate specialty. Attorneys specialize in a variety of law areas such as criminal law, DUI problems, bankruptcy, divorce, business and real estate. It’s important to have an attorney who is well versed in your area of need.

– Word of mouth referrals are always a great way to gather names of high quality professionals. Ask family, friends, neighbors and co-workers if they know of a good lawyer. By accumulating a list, you will begin to see certain names appear more often. These are the attorneys to call.

– Experience level is important, too. You may want to read up on cases such as yours in the local libraries archives in order to see which legal counsel was representing successful plaintiffs.

– An initial consultation with a lawyer can provide a great deal of insight into how this professional operates. Check out the office staff, as well, in terms of professionalism, promptness and courtesy. During the consultation, have a list of questions ready and listen not only to the answers but to how this person communicates. A good business relationship is built on effective communication.

– Ask about the fee structure. It’s important to find out about this during the first appointment. Fees might be charged by the case, hourly or on a contingency basis. Contingency refers to the method where an attorney is paid a percentage when a settlement is received. Retainers are another possibility. This is a chunk of money collected from the client and held in an account by the law office. Expenses will be drawn from this account as the case progresses.

When it’s time to hire a good local lawyer, get references, find out about their fees, specialties and communication style. When all meets with your satisfaction, you have found your legal representative.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been hurt on the job, in a car accident, at a place or business or at some other location? If so, you might need the services of a lawyer. If you didn’t cause the accident that lead to your injury, you can possibly sue for monetary compensation. If you decide to sue, it’s likely that your case will go to court. Even if it doesn’t reach court, you will need an attorney’s representation. There are many benefits associated with hiring a personal injury lawyer. In fact, there are people who could have probably won their cases if they had hired a lawyer. There are also people that could win cases, but they never even go to court because they’re afraid to hire a lawyer or think it’s too expensive. That worry is something you should leave behind.

A lawyer that you hire is there to help you. The lawyer benefits when he wins the case for you. One of the biggest benefits associated with hiring a lawyer is that you receive help in court. You don’t want to appear for an important court hearing without a clear understanding of what your rights are. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you should never represent yourself in court. A good attorney can provide you with competent legal advice, and can help you make smart decisions concerning your case.

The attorney might be able to make a deal that would benefit you. He would know more about the proceedings and possibilities than you ever would. It’s a fact that people that represent themselves without a lawyer are more likely to lose in court. The only time you should enter court without legal representation is when you’re certain you can handle everything on your own. The truth is that unless you’re a lawyer or a former lawyer, then you probably need help.

In short, the benefits associated with having a personal injury lawyer by your side outweigh the cons. In fact, there aren’t any cons. The sooner you realize just how beneficial this is, the more you will realize you need an attorney instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself. In reality, trying to handle a court case on your own is a very foolish decision. A personal injury case isn’t a frivolous type of case you’d see on a television court show. It’s not something to take lightly. It’s never an easy issue when you’re suing somebody else. Get the representation you need so you can increase your chances of winning.

Select a Personal Injury Attorney

Getting injured in an accident is a miserable experience. Don’t be a victim twice by hiring the wrong lawyer. Here are some tips to safely navigate the process.

1. Testimonials

Read the testimonials in her advertising. Do they sound authentic? Or is she attempting to create an unrealistic picture.

2. Certification

Is the lawyer certified in personal injury in the state where he practices. Many states don’t have certification but for those who do it is an opportunity for a lawyer to prove special expertise in his chosen field.

3. Limited Number of Practice Areas

Go with a lawyer who works exclusively in personal injury or who has at most two areas of practice.

4. Published Works

Has the lawyer published books or articles on personal injury subjects? It takes work to research and write a technical article on injury law. And it helps a lawyer establish expertise in a chosen area.

5. Speaking Engagements

If the injury lawyer has spoken to lawyers on the subject of injury law that’s a great sign that he has a successful reputation among fellow lawyers.

6. Bar Service

Activity in state or national bar associations shows a lawyer’s willingness to give back to the community. (A sign of good character.)

7. Representative Cases

Has the lawyer handled a high profile case? You want to know that the attorney you are considering has been successful. Lawyers who handle high profile cases have usually already distinguished themselves in some way before getting that “big” case. It’s evidence of success.

8. What claims does the lawyer make about his service?

Claims like “we answer the phone” don’t cut it. You expect him to answer the phone. However, more personalized claims can give clues about what the lawyer and his firm consider important. Here are some that, if true, carry some meaning:

a. We return client phone calls within 24 hours.

b. We utilize a “team approach” in our firm.

c. We provide you the cell phone number of the lawyer assigned to your case. (This shows an unusually high degree of dedication).

d. We speak Spanish, or Italian or Greek.

e. We offer weekend and evening appointments. (If you absolutely can’t make it on a weekday then this service will be critical for you.)

f. We have 20 years experience. (There’s no substitute for experience in the injury business as experience can translates into getting the best possible dollar on your case).

g. We provide help on property damage claims. (Some injury firms won’t touch a property damage claim and this can be a problem if you get offered a clearly inadequate sum for your totaled vehicle).

h. We offer home and hospital visits if you are unable to travel because of your injuries.

9. Personality

From his website you should be able to gather some clues as to what this lawyer is like. Are there photographs of the lawyer? Has he shared why he became a lawyer? Has she described cases that were important to her?

Has the lawyer been involved in the community? Are there inspirational quotes on the site that help to define the lawyer’s values? What do the testimonials say about the lawyer?

10. Guarantees

Lawyers are not permitted by their rules of ethics to make specific promises about the outcome of a case. However, they can guarantee a prompt response to your request for information.


With a little care in perusing the qualifications and characteristics of your prospective injury lawyer, you have a much better chance of picking one who will work well with you and get you the result you are hoping for.

Reasons To Consult An Elder Law Attorney

You may have heard of the term ‘elder law‘ and wondered what, exactly, it meant. Simply put, an elder law specialist has taken the time to learn as much as possible about any laws affecting the lives of senior citizens and their families. There are many different issues that fall under the elder law heading, but some of the most common are outlined here.

Protecting Seniors From Abuse

This is one of the most distressing examples of why you may want to consult an attorney specializing in concerns of the elderly. If you have an aged parent who is in a nursing home, receiving skilled nursing care, or being cared for by someone else and you suspect that your parent is being neglected or abused, you must consult with a litigation attorney as soon as possible who specializes in cases of elder abuse. They can give you the guidance and support you need while investigating and filing suit against the abuser or abusers. Protecting the dignity and welfare of seniors is one of the most rewarding aspects of handling legal issues for the elderly.

Helping With Financial Planning

If you’re getting ready to retire, an elder law specialist who has experience in financial planning can help you develop a solid, long-term financial plan that will protect your finances while allowing you to live comfortably in your golden years. Estate lawyers can also help you choose an appropriate nursing home or assisted living facility when the time comes and oversee your finances to make sure your bills are paid and your property is handled correctly.

Estate Planning

It’s crucial that a properly executed will is prepared for you in order to make sure your estate is handled properly after your death. Meeting with estate lawyers to discuss your heirs and last wishes is crucial if you have an estate of any size. A will that clearly and concisely states who will inherit what and how your estate is to be distributed can prevent your heirs from squabbling about your estate after you’ve passed away. Writing a will and structuring an estate in order to protect your assets even after your death is one of the most common reasons people consult with elder law attorneys.

Social Security Disputes

Social security is a financial safety net for many seniors after retirement. Depending on the monthly checks you receive from social security can be difficult, particularly if you don’t feel you’re receiving appropriate benefits. If you have a dispute over your social security payments, an elder law litigation attorney can represent you and protect your interests, helping you get the social security benefits you deserve.

Grandparents’ Rights

Litigation attorneys can represent grandparents who have lost contact with their grandchildren through no fault of their own. A divorce or separation is always heart wrenching, but when parents use their children as weapons in an unpleasant divorce, it is often the grandparents who suffer when an unhappy parent won’t let children visit grandparents who are the family of their ex-spouse. Fortunately, there are elder laws that cover such situations, and an experienced litigation attorney can work with family courts to ensure you are able to continue enjoying a relationship with your grandchildren.

If you or a loved one is facing an elder law issue, consulting with experienced estate lawyers or getting a litigation attorney who is familiar with legal issues concerning the elderly is your best bet for resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

The Role of Elder Law Attorneys

As we can observe, learning about Elder Law is something that is not so interesting for younger individuals – at least, for now – as this practically does not apply to them personally. And you might be thinking the same way. But the thing is, we should realize that we will age in time and that should be enough reason why it makes sense to have some knowledge about this area of the law – all of us, young and old. It can help us when we get old. Aside from that, we can also offer some help for seniors by imparting what we learn as early as today.

In our attempt to learn about this thing, Elder Law Attorneys play an important role. They are legal professional who specialize in the area of law that focuses on representing, counseling, and assisting seniors or aged people in a variety of legal issues. Generally, they help seniors in addressing legal, medical, financial, social, and family issues, with emphasis on promoting the highest quality of life for them.

Below are some specific issues that Elder Law Attorneys address:

  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning – they provide this particular service with the purpose of assisting clients to adequately provide liquidity for their estates; provide for continuation of the business and to minimize gift, estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes.
  • Medicaid – seniors are also assisted whether they are qualified for Medicaid, a government medical program for certain people and families with low income.
  • Retirement Benefits – this is one of the most important areas that senior individuals should be knowledgeable about and a lawyer who is expert in Elder Law can help to get the most benefits they can possibly get.
  • Estate Planning and Probate – estate planning, by definition, is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate; probate means legal establishment of the validity of a will before a judicial authority.
  • Age Discrimination – a very common scenario you can see around particular in work where there is a high rate of layoffs based on age.
  • Long Term Care Financing – this has something to do with preparation for possible future long-term care needs, which basically rely on ‘self-insured’ resources and the donated ones. An expert Elder Law attorney helps you understand the concepts behind such program and assist you along the way to make the most out of it.
  • Insurance – attorneys can also help seniors to be able to enjoy insurance benefits; they assist them particularly when it comes to legalities and laws governing insurance policy benefits that are especially designed for seniors.

By learning about Elder Law, it gives us an opportunity to become better prepared for the future. Remember, all of us get old and that is inevitable.

Consulting An Elder Law Attorney

Old age is something regarding which many people are in denial. They do not like to believe that they are going to get aged one day, though old age does slowly creep up on them. Such people usually do not plan for their later years and may have to face several legal and financial issues, along with the typical physical and emotional problems brought on by age.

If you want to enjoy good quality of life even when you get old, it is necessary to plan in advance. It is best to consult an elder law attorney to make arrangements to tackle aging issues such as retaining independence, financial security and quality of life. These attorneys have an acute understanding of the special needs of the elderly and in-depth knowledge of the laws governing these needs and specialize in providing legal help to the seniors. Some issues on which their expert services can be beneficial are:

Medical Care: When you get on in the years, your earning potential decreases while your medical needs increases. The government offers special programs to pay for the nursing care of the elderly with limited resources. The provisions and guidelines of such programs keep changing from time to time. An Elder Law attorney keeps abreast with the changes and guides you in planning judiciously for long-term care.

Estate & Tax Planning: An Elder Law attorney can guide you in management of your tangible assets during life and their distribution upon death by drawing up wills, trusts, etc. You can also make suitable financial arrangements for your spouse’s care. The attorney can even give advice regarding business succession and tax planning.

Disability Planning: Through living wills, living trusts and Durable Power of Attorney, the lawyer helps you delegate financial and healthcare decisions to your agent in case you get incapacitated, physically or mentally.

Other Issues: There are several other issues an Elder Law attorney helps out with. These include advance care directive, senior care abuse, nursing home issues, employment & retirement matters, guardianship, housing issues, social security claims, etc.

Every Elder Law attorney may not be an expert at all these services. If you wish to plan to secure your old age or you need advice to plan for your aged parents, you should search for an appropriate experienced lawyer based on your particular concerns. You can look up an online local business directory, ask referral from your family attorney or take help from agencies specializing in senior care. Interview all prospective lawyers, making sure that they are sufficiently experienced and reasonably priced before selecting the one you find most suitable.